Here are two of my books we will use in the Partimenti Workshop.

Exploring the Rule of the Octave: Fingers, Brain, and Ears will guide you through learning one of the most powerful tools any composer and musician can have at their disposal. Let’s not think of the rule of the octave as a rule, let’s think of it as a handy default harmonization of each scale degree. Inspired by J-F Dandrieu’s “Principes de l’Acompagnement du Clavecin” published in 1718. 

Exploring the Rule of the Octave will guide you through how each scale degree in the rule of the octave is harmonized. Each scale degree is presented in Gjerdingen’s ovals, standard musical notation, and chord symbols. 

As each scale degree is introduced, a specifically designed partimenti base is included to bring your fingers, brain, and ears along for the ride.


A figuration prelude is a piece whose defining characteristic is that a figuration repeats and is adapted to each new harmony. JS Bach’s C major Prelude from Book 1 of the Well-Tempered Clavier (BWV 846) is a great example of the genre. Clara Schumann’s Prelude from the Prelude and Fugue op. 16, No.1 G minor is another great example!

Creating A Figuration Prelude at the Keyboard is a simple but powerful method to create an infinite number of figuration periods. Four partimenti are given as well as a summary of all the rules necessary to harmonize the partimenti. Four partimenti templates are given as well as several fully developed figuration preludes by me and my students. 

Figuration preludes can be awesome stand-alone pieces but are also a great study for composing an accompanied melody. Check out Gounod’s melody accompanied by Bach’s figuration prelude. 


Unlock your creativity like the greatest composers.

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